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Cold Fusion Juice Co.

From days long ago. From uncharted regions of the universe. Comes a legend. The legend of Cold Fusion Juice, defender of e-juice, of mighty mech mods. Loved by good, and feared by e-liquid companies. As Cold Fusions legend grew, peace settled among New England. Then, a New England alliance was formed. Together with Heisenberg, Bobby, and Suge White, they maintained peace throughout the region. Until the old horrible menaces like Suicide Rabbit, Alien Goggles, Disgusting Flavor Shack, and Space Jelly, threatened their business. This is the story of the super force, of juice explorers, specially trained and sent by the alliance to bring back flavor to the people and restore peace. COLD FUSION JUICE. Defender of e-juice. In the beginning there was only John and Bobby. These two friends would vape at work together and discuss coil building, mods, atomizers, and especially e-liquid. It got to the point where the two of them were carrying around bags of different liquids because neither of them could find something that they loved or would vape all day. Until one day, one said to the other “I hate these juices. Why don’t we make our own?” Neither of them knew it yet, but that was the day Cold Fusion Juice was conceived.

After months and months of toiling and experimenting the first few flavors were born. Both John and Bobby had all day vapes that they enjoyed. People would stop and wonder what smells so good. When they found out it was the creations that these two had come up with, orders started coming in. After a year, and many more orders amongst friends, both John and Bobby decided to make this into a business. For this, they enlisted Suge White. His brain, and specialty powers of pushing bureaucracy aside has paved the way for you, the consumer, to enjoy these wonderful creations. From that day forward this juggernaut of juice has not stopped. However, these three lions of liquid knew that their work wasn’t done. They needed one more piece to truly save the world.

Enter Dexter. While in his laboratory, Dexter hacked and chopped a way for people all around the world to reach Cold Fusion Juice. His immense brain power has led to the culmination of what you see now. A mind control device to take over the world of E-Juice! This team has come together and formed what is now known as Cold Fusion Juice and they defend the masses against evil flavor and terrible juices.