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Warning Shot  3mg

Warning Shot 3mg

  • $ 1800

Every rebel has a defining moment. That moment when they can choose to duck and run or stand and FIGHT! The Lexington Minutemen had that moment, the soldiers of Pearl Harbor had that moment, even Rocky Balboa had that moment. All of these people rose up in the face of adversity and took the challenge. Today CFJ does the same, as we blaze our path of putting the industry on notice and fire a WARNING SHOT. We are here, we are the #CFJMOB and there will be no holding us back! Don't take our word for it, ask your friends, they've all vaped it, don't get left behind. WARNING SHOT will give you a one two punch of a rich fruity berry undertone with a creamy custard finish. You've tried the rest, now become loyal to the best. Welcome to the #CFJMOB.

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